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Posted by on November 14, 2011

I believe hunting should not be banned. Most people believe that hunting is cruel but if nobody hunted the world would be unbalanced e.g. to many deer… less grass to many bears/wolves less farm animals because farmers cant shoot them.

If hunting was banned, animals would over populate. If nobody hunted the world would be full of animals less plants, less farm animals and more dangerous. To many bears, bears get into garbage also if you run into a sick/crazy bear you are in trouble.

People enjoy hunting. Some people don’t do much other than when hunting season comes. Hunting is sometimes just to have fun and hang out with friends you don’t see to much. Whatever you hunt it does not mean you will kill hit for example you could miss, or scare the animal off.

Most people hunt for meat. Hunting is a chain that should not be broken. Less meat in stores, less money for stores, less money for workers. If the chain gets broken its hard to make it again.


Hunting should stay a sport. Hunting is a chain that cant be broken and hard to fix. People should stop worring about hunting and worry about something important.


By barrett and yes it does suck :)

8 Responses to Hunting

  1. sam

    good post Barrett I agree. I believe hunting should not be band. But if hunting is not band the hunters need to be more careful

  2. brennah

    I agree with you even know I still think it is a bit crul. But we wouldn’t want our world to get over populated, as long as you are not just killing them for the sport and not just leaving them there.
    and no it does not suck:)

  3. Max

    i agree if hunting was banned, the whole chain would break no hunting means more deer more deer means less plants less plants means cows and farm animals starve they starve no milk, cheese or meat. no meat means no butcher no butcher means less jobs farms would go out of business from dead livestock and we would all go veggie and the wolves would prosper because of deer. the deer would die of wolves and starvation deer extinct and we would have to kill wolves for meat until they go extinct from no deer then we would have to be vegan and life would be messed YOU SUCK

  4. Pocahontas

    I agree Barrett hunting should not be banned. But I think what sam means is that hunters should not shoot the animals just for fun.

    If people just hunted for fun, all the animals would be dead and their would be nothing to hunt for. So I do think hunting shouldn’t be banned for many reasons!

    • benjamin

      YES we have to hunt to keep the food chain going and we eat meat like i love meat so i need us to hunt good post man you are the best ever! you should get a A and Toronto Maple Leafs are my favourite team!

  5. ncrawford

    Great start Barrett. You have done a good job of giving your opinion on hunting. Now you need to work on your supporting details. Try adding your own personal experiences with hunting and some actual facts about why it should not be banned (look up statistics or factual evidence from Environment Canada). I agree with you, but am not a fan of hunting. I did not grow up in an area where hunting was popular. I grew up in a suburban town where fashion and shopping were the hobbies of choice. So I can’t relate on a personal level.

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