My problem with school these days is homework!

Homework just gets in the way,

It gets in the way of outdoor activity…

My problem will never go away…!

I will kick and scream but homework never goes away

I have many opportunities to live my life,

but homework got in the way


One day I will graduate but even when im at work homework gets in the


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“He shoots….He scores!”

Shouts the announcer.


As the puck


whizzes past the goalie


What a goal!!!


Whistles called on play


2 minute penalty slashing.


Take the face off finial minute away team trailing


goalies pulled !1


away team won face off pass to point…


Buzzers off cries in the stands top shelf beauty!!!!!!!!!


“GAME TIED OFF TO OVERTIME!”screams the announcer


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I think the authors message about society is weather does not matter what or how they look its about there personalty a saying would be dont judge a book by its cover. For example in the movie, Fionas mom and dad were waiting for her supporting beautiful daughters but when they arrive they see two ugly ogres the dad was very disappoint and in this case judge them by what they look like. It wasnt just the dad who treated Shrek bad he sent a pussy cat to capture Shrek so that prince charming, the godmother presented to help shrek but she just wanted him far away for charming to marry Fiona.

Now as you can see all people except few did not try to hurt shrek because they knew him and liked him for his personalty. Now in the first movie they were scared but they got to know him and ended up liking him so it does not matter how ugly, scary or tall you are it could end up to be the nicest person you will ever met





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Where am I going in life? Well im deciding between 2 high schools 1 of them is Quint S.S or Saint T’s. I think after I shadow somebody next year I pretty sure I will make up my mind.

Some corses I would like to take is Gym, Math, History, cooking, science.. So on I would like to do gym because I would like to stay fit if I don’t make any sports. I would like to do Math because math is my favourite and best at subject.


I would like to do History because people say history can be boring but also really fun at the same time.


I would like to do Cooking because I would like to try to cook new foods and be able to cook for ma family.


School work is not the only thing on my mind I would like to do some sports to the sports I would like to do is soccer and hockey and volleyball.


As you can see I have not really made up my mind out but soon I will and I will be fine




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What is a hero in your eyes? A hero to me

a hero to me is someone who does or try s to do something great for there country that hero to me is Wilfred Owen. Wilfred Owen is a hero to me because he fought and wrote poetry at the same time he was not full of hate he wrote about love and how war changed his life :)







By barrett meraw


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In my opinion Bloging is okay. Bloging is fun because you get to go on the computers everyday and tell evryone your opinion but the bad thing is we have to type long random things and we get marked on and that sucks because if you dont know what to write about than you have a chance to get a bad mark.

This wont be my best work because I have no idea what to write or in this case type about so hopefully we dont get marked on this I have no idea this is my brian right now ???

Later flash dash

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Louis Riel

In my opinion Louis Riel was a hero. Louis Riel fought for the metis and their believes, and never gave up. Louis Riel never gave up even if it meant getting hanged. People wanted Louis Riel to act insane so he would have a chance in not getting hanged he never went through with it he wanted to be punished for what he did that is a hero.

Yes he killed Thomas Scott on April 23 1870 without permission that was wrong. Louis Riel thought god gave him a mission to save the metis, during the war Louis Riel held the cross almost all time the war was not his idea. Louis Riel seen Canada’s and the metis beliefs and he knew the metis would lose the fight.


Louis Riel tryed to stop the settlers from fencing their land and disrupt the metis bison hunt. To protect the metis from starving to death with no bison. If no bison, no food for the metis and Louis Riel fought for that even if there was a better thing in return if it meant the metis not starving to death.


Louis Riel was not a trader he just had different beliefs on how Canada treated/tricked the metis. Louis Riel didn’t like how Canada tricked the metis into giving up their land, so he went against Canada’s way he never wanted to fight them. Would you like it if the goverment tricked you into taking your food and land.


Louis Riel is a hero and always will be. He fought to the finish and never gave up. ” Riel remains a hero to the metis. The fight to pardon him continues to this day.”






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School time?

In my opinion school should start earlyer. I belive this because school starts at 9:30 and that means school does no0t end till 3:45 and that means for 5 days of the week you have no time to hang out with friends for a bit. Also if you have a long bus ride and lots of homework its a big rush.

If school started at 8 than school would end at 2 and that means lots of time for homework no worring about a long bus ride and maybe even time to see friends.Yes you would have to get up early but its worth it if school ends at 2. School starting earlyer is a win win win how.. get time for homework and relax and  maybe hang with friends.

School starting at 9:30 gives you way to much time befor school. School wants more work yet your giving kids 2 hours befor school depending on what time you wake up. School should start at 8 because I like not being rushed and know i have like no time to do hockey pratice, do homework and sometimes study




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I believe hunting should not be banned. Most people believe that hunting is cruel but if nobody hunted the world would be unbalanced e.g. to many deer… less grass to many bears/wolves less farm animals because farmers cant shoot them.

If hunting was banned, animals would over populate. If nobody hunted the world would be full of animals less plants, less farm animals and more dangerous. To many bears, bears get into garbage also if you run into a sick/crazy bear you are in trouble.

People enjoy hunting. Some people don’t do much other than when hunting season comes. Hunting is sometimes just to have fun and hang out with friends you don’t see to much. Whatever you hunt it does not mean you will kill hit for example you could miss, or scare the animal off.

Most people hunt for meat. Hunting is a chain that should not be broken. Less meat in stores, less money for stores, less money for workers. If the chain gets broken its hard to make it again.


Hunting should stay a sport. Hunting is a chain that cant be broken and hard to fix. People should stop worring about hunting and worry about something important.


By barrett and yes it does suck :)

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Cell phones in school?

Should cell phones be allowed in school? In my opinion schools should not allow cell phones in school.  I say this because it is to easy for kids to cheat,  not learn and teachers would get frustrated because kids are not learning.

Kids would be able to cheat very easily. Kids could text their friends their answers on a test when the teacher is not looking. Kids could save all the answers on their phone and look at them during the test. Sudents/kids will go through life thinking they can get away with anything.

Teachers would get frustrated. Teachers would get frustrated because the students would be failing and not learning anything, that would make the teachers look bad and most likely get in trouble.

If cell phones were allowed in class, school would not be for learning anymore, it would be all about the texting and playing games. I know this because I am a kid and if I had to pick between texting and learning I would pick texting. Yes texting is fun but if texting was aloud in school there would be no learning and that is a problim

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