Keynote is a presentation app with 12 built in themes to choose from that can be customized. Add videos, charts and photos to enhance your presentation. This app can be used for formal and informal presentations in school or at work.



The iMovie app is easy to use and will allow you to create fun, fast movies! Create Hollywood style trailers or sophisticated movies with built in themes and music to choose from. You can also add transitions, title slides, and adjust the volume of your movie clips. Share them with family, friends and classmates.

Sock Puppet

Sock Puppets main icon Become a puppeteer! Create and share all of your favorite experiences in the world of Sock Puppets through animation and lip-synching your socks and characters! It is an easy to use app to bring your favourite stories (your own and others) to life!

I have used this app in my intermediate classroom, with my grade six students and now our children are experimenting with this app in JK! A truly creative app for all ages :)

Simplex Spelling

The Simplex Spelling app has won numerous awards and help students improve their phonemic awareness skills, specifically segmentation, which they can transfer to improve reading and spelling. The app’s interface is streamlined and is suitable for a variety of students - late primary, junior and intermediate.simplex

Doodlecast Pro

If you are looking for a straightforward app to capture student thinking and understanding (audio, videos and drawings), then you need to check out Doodlecast Pro (DCP). This app is appropriate for all grade levels (K-8) and it helps you create and share videos for a range of purposes:324758317_640

• Prepare lessons to share with your students.
• Create video school reports on your favourite topic.
• Provide feedback on visual designs, layouts, or charts.
• Capture mind maps and notes during brainstorming sessions.
• Create fun animated messages to send to friends and family.

As a classroom teacher, I found this app easy to use and students were eager to share their thinking through an interactive tool. Increased student engagement through purposeful learning tasks while using this app is key to student success.

Sky View

Where to begin? There are so many apps available to support deeper thinking and understanding of the literate and numerate learner. Throughout the year, I will highlight apps that are supported as learning tools and increase student engagement.

SkyView – Is an app that may or may not be accessible on your school’s iPods and/or iPads. This app allows you to use your device to locate and see stars, planets and constellations through your camera. You can also see how the sky will look on a day in the future or past. In addition, SkyView gives you information about objects in the sky when clicked, which gives a variety of facts about the selected space object.

As a classroom teacher, I have used this app to support the Gr. 6 Science curriculum and as a parent, we have spent many days and nights exploring the universe with our 4 year old children. Talk about engaging at any age! I highly recommend this app to everyone :)