Hello, my name is Sherry from Belleville, ON.  I am married and have two children, Reese (6 – she created the beautiful artwork on my blog :)) and Keira (4).

I have worked as a web designer for over 16 years, both corporate and freelance.  The company I worked at for over 12 years went under in 2009 and I was forced into a career change.  I was very fortunate to find something in my field at a local school board.  One of the perks is that I gain knowledge about learning devices and new technologies being rolled out at the schools, which benefit my own children.  I also develop school sites/blogs which I have started to integrate Social Media into (Facebook,  Twitter and Google+).  One of the challenges in my line of work and as a parent is to understand how to embrace Social Media, use it effectively and  teach kids to use it in a positive manner.

I signed up for this program because I want to learn more about Social Media.  I am familiar with many types, but not all.  I want to understand if one is better to use than another based on functionality …

I want to understand from a website and communication perspective,  the big picture of Social Media and it's future direction.

I look forward to working with all of you. Happy Blogging!!