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  • Handheld Devices in the Classroom!

    April 27th, 2012eadams21st Century Learning

    How might we effectively use handheld devices to support student learning?

    With the ‘unlocking’ of public-access wi-fi at HPEDSB schools, we need to rethink the acceptable use of handheld devices by students. Devices such as iPods, iPads, and cell phones can be incorporated into lessons to support student engagement and learning. There are many blogs and websites that can help teachers integrate this technology effectively into the classroom.

    Joanna Sanders Bobiash has provided a slide show on The Effective Integration of Handheld Devices into the Classroom. She highlights how technology in education has changed throughout time, tips for implementation, and suggests apps to use for lessons.

    Edudemic’s article entitled 25 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom suggests 3 different categories of ways to use the social media outlet. Students can use Twitter to “watch” by following experts in a field they are studying. They can “talk” through summarizing and socializing a main idea, or they can “produce” by issuing a poll to guage opinion.

    Edudemic also has an article that suggests ways to use an iPad in the classroom, click here to be linked to that page.

    If you’re a teacher in my cluster interested in exploring the effective use of handheld devices in your classroom, email me, I’d love to explore with you!



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