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On January 18th a small group of “bloggers” got together to work on the MISA phase of the Blogging Pilot. The day began with a round table discussion regarding the participants’ successes, challenges, and next steps as they relate to blogging in the classroom. From there we did some brainstorming regarding the question: How might blogging support student success in our schools? Participants then began to delve deeper into the MISA component by developing their inquiry questions for the project. The remainder of the day was spent furthering their inquiry by establishing action steps, identifying marker students, and making technical adjustments to their blogs. It was great to have the opportunity to hear the voices of our participants, and network with others, as the Blogging Pilot enters the next phase.

During the brainstorming session we used an on-line tool called “EtherPad” to record our thoughts (see the screenshot below). EtherPad allows multiple authors to simultaneously edit and contribute to a document in real-time. The individual authors are identified by colour, so you can see each person’s contributions. There are a variety of other options available in the EtherPad environment including a chat feature, import/export options, as well as the ability to save different revision stages of the document. EtherPad is well suited for use within education. It has many potential classroom applications, as well as providing an environment for professional collaboration. If you are interested in learning more about EtherPad or how to access it, please contact a member of the blogging team.

Please leave a comment regarding your thoughts on our brainstorming question: 

How might blogging support student success in our schools?