Blog Sites

Please take a moment to check out the variety of blogs (past and present) that have been established within HPEDSB. Many of the blogs have further links to sites that have been established by students or by staff for professional purposes. Some teachers and classes are just beginning their blogging journey, so their sites are “works in progress”.

Harmony Public School:

Ms. Crawford (Grade 8)

Mr. Vella (Grade 4/5)

Stirling Primary School:

Miss Mason (Grade 1)

Mrs. Peltzer (Grade 3)

Bayside Public School:

Mlle Leslie (Grade 7 French Immersion)

College Street Public School:

Ms. Conlin (French and Media Literacy)

Mrs. Yearwood (Teacher Librarian)

Ms. Broekema (Grade 7/8)

Mrs Smith-Eaton (Grade 4/5)

Madoc Public School:

Mr. McFadden (Grade 5/6)

Madoc Township Public School:

Ms. Bateman and Mrs. Latchford (Early Learning)

North Hastings High School:

Ms. Burbidge (Term 1)

Ms. Burbidge – class and Ms. Burbidge – novel (Term 2)

Queen Victoria  School:

Ms. Kerr  (Grade 3/4)

Ms. Lawrence (Grade 4/5)

 Trenton High School:

Trenton HS (THS Newspaper)

Mr. Lanovaz (Math)

Mme. Shortly (French)

Prince Edward Collegiate Institute:

Mr. Morsette (Grade 9 Venture Classes)

Bayside Secondary School:

Ms. Wilson (Ecobound)

Moira Secondary School:

Ms. Miller (Geoventure)

Prince of Wales:

Ms. Melburn (Primary Media Literacy)

Ms. Douglas (Grade 4/5)

Mrs. Yearwood (Teacher Librarian)

Ms. Lawrence (Grade 4/5)

Ms. Baily(Grade 3)

Mr Wood (Grade 7/8)

Mr Anderson(Grade 7/8)

Mr Brady (Grade 7/8)

Harry J. Clarke:

Mr. Mitchell (Grade 7 Destinations)

Ms. Sayers-Pringle (Grade 8 Destinations)

Ms. Kristalyn (Grade 7 and 7/8 Destinations)

Ms. Frei (7/8 French Immersion)

Mr. Brown


Mrs. Michell and Mr. Lassardo (Grade 3/4)

Mrs. Abram and Mrs. Hall (Grade 5, 6, 7, and 8)

Kente Public School:

Ms. Bolton (Grade 8)

Athol Public School:

Mrs. Ruggles-Bolton (Grade 7)

Massassaga-Rednersville Public School:

Ms. Moorhouse (Grade 5)

Pinecrest Memorial Elementary School:

Mr. Goodman (Grade 6)

Other Sites:

Collaborative Blogging Site

Books and Beyond (Teacher Librarian/Curriculum Support)